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  • Posted:November 28, 2017

#OC150 Award Ceremony Announced

150 Community Volunteers to be recognized at a special ceremony in commemoration of Canada’s 150 years of Confederation

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  • Posted:November 22, 2017

Ontario Passes Legislation to Create Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs

Province Raising Minimum Wage, Providing Equal Pay for Part-Time and Full-Time Workers, Paid Sick Days, and Expanded Paid Leave

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  • Posted:November 20, 2017

Ontario Government Introducing New Initiatives to Help Small Businesses Lower Costs!

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  • Posted:November 02, 2017

Ontario Building Stronger, Safer Communities

Province Moving Forward With Largest Policing Transformation in a Generation

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  • Posted:November 02, 2017

L'Ontario se prépare à la légalisation du cannabis par le gouvernement fédéral

La province présente une nouvelle loi pour protéger la jeunesse, les routes et les collectivités

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  • Posted:November 02, 2017

Ontario Preparing for Federal Cannabis Legalization

Province Introduces New Legislation to Protect Youth, Keep Roads and Communities Safe

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  • Posted:October 25, 2017

Protecting Women's Right to Choose

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  • Posted:October 20, 2017

Building Active Community Infrastructure to Celebrate Canada's 150th

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  • Posted:October 13, 2017

Ontario and Canada Boosting Child Care Programs for Ottawa-Area Families

Children and Families to Benefit from More Subsidies, Reduced Waitlists

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  • Posted:October 12, 2017

Centre Jules-Léger to be Governed By and For Francophones

Province to Introduce Legislation that Would Transfer Centre Jules-Léger to Francophone Boards

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  • Posted:October 11, 2017

Ottawa Courthouse Pilot Strengthens Access to Justice in French

Province Releases Final Report on Ottawa Courthouse Pilot Project

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  • Posted:October 10, 2017

Have Your Say as Ontario Replaces the Ontario Municipal Board

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  • Posted:September 28, 2017

Annual Minimum Wage Increase to Come into Effect October 1

Ontario Creating Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs

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  • Posted:September 27, 2017

Ontario Seniors Community Grants Accepting Applications

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  • Posted:September 25, 2017

Ontario is One Step Closer to Replacing the Ontario Municipal Board

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  • Posted:August 30, 2017

Ontario Providing Support to Those Affected by Opioid Crisis

Measures Include More Front Line Workers, Naloxone and Rapid Access to Treatment

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  • Posted:August 24, 2017

2017 Capital Pride

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  • Posted:August 21, 2017

Helping Black Youth Succeed Through Mentorship

Ontario Launching New Program for Black Youth

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  • Posted:July 25, 2017

Ontario Implementing New Protections for Condo Residents this Fall

New Laws to Build Healthy and Sustainable Condo Communities

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  • Posted:July 13, 2017

Ontario Seeking Public Input on Federal Plan to Legalize Cannabis

Province to Prioritize Public Health, Road Safety and Harm Prevention

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